Well, of course you have questions. We can get you some answers! 

Is there a chance for just the adviser to sign up to get a cover session any of the three days of the weekend camp without attending camp? 

The time that the cover artists are booked with the Balfour Midwest Office will be used to work with students and advisers that attend Yearbook YOUniversity. This means if registration is high, schools will be guaranteed at least a one-hour session. And if registration is low, schools will get more time with the artists so that they can design graphics, endsheets, a yearbook staff shirt design, marketing pieces, etc. For your chance to work with a cover artist at no additional charge and/or to work with them on other elements of your book, register today!

Will we have the opportunity to set up a virtual cover session at a later date if we can't attend Yearbook YOUniversity? 

Of course! Our cover artists get very busy, very fast in the fall. If you know that you aren't going to be able to make it, please go ahead and schedule a cover session with Stephen Williams here so that he can save your school some time!  Stephen's rate outside of camp is $400 and that cost will be added to your final yearbook invoice.​

The only thing I might not know at the time of registration, in order to meet the deadline, is the names of the students. Can we reserve spots and fill in names later?

Of course it is best to register with the names of the actual students that will be attending, however, because the deadline for schools that scholarship students is May 31, we know that may be difficult in certain situations. If you are a school that scholarships students to attend and you know you will use those scholarships but don't know the specific student that will use it yet, please email Whitney or Ali by MAY 31 requesting those scholarships. All unused scholarships will expire after May 31, 2021. If you have further questions or concerns regarding the deadline for scholarshipped students, please contact your rep. 

How will room assignments be determined? 

Students will stay in double queen rooms in groups of at least four. There are few rooms that could fit a fifth student in a sofa bed. Students will be assigned by gender and by school. It will be at the discretion of the camp directors on how students are given room assignments but there is a question in the registration form about roommate preference.


Students will be expected to share a room with other campers and the camp directors will assign rooms by school as long as there are at least three students from a single school. If there are only two from a school, those two will be paired with two from another school to share a room.

If there is only one student needing a room from a certain school, they will still be assigned a room with students from another school, but fewer students will be assigned to that room so the lone student is not forced to share a bed with a stranger.

Long story short: Schools may share a room with another school, but no one will be assigned to share a bed with a student from another school.


If there are any special rooming circumstances, please reach out to Whitney or Ali.


What about advisers' room assignments? 

Advisers and chaperones will be paired up, two to a double queen room. If there is an adviser you would like to room with, please make a note of that on your registration form. If you would prefer a single room, you can choose to pay the single room tuition fee. 

Is the change from an early summer camp to a late summer camp a permanent change?

Will this replace your one-day fall workshop indefinitely? 

The decision to move our typical camp dates and to replace our one-day workshops in 2021 was not an easy decision for us. Due to COVID-19 and how we predict it will affect summer activities, we feel confident that hosting a late-August event is safest and most productive for our customers. The goals of both events remain the same; to train, to prepare, to educate and to excite! If you typically attend our one-day workshop, we strongly encourage you to try this more-intense yet more-rewarding experience that is sure to make your year so much easier!


Our goal is to return to our regular schedule for the 2022-2023 school year with a separate middle and high school event in and our typical one-day workshops in Omaha, Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita. 

When you say the event will start on "Friday afternoon," what time do you

expect that to be?  

Though the schedule is still in the works, we expect registration to be at 5:00 p.m. and the kick-off speaker will be around 6:15 p.m. Please note, the times are subject to change and a final schedule can be found here when it is complete. 



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