Cohesive, beautifully-designed yearbook and cover? Check.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the unknowns this school year brings, or just yearbook designing from scratch in general, Balfour offers pre-designed cover designs and templates that may help lift some of that weight off your shoulders. Sometimes there no need to “reinvent the wheel” and that’s where these beautiful SimplyCreate designs could come into play for your yearbook.

Every year the Balfour plant send outs a planning kit for the year that included all sorts of supplies and goodies; one of those being the 2021 SimplyCreate catalog. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 (I know I know, we hope to stop blaming COVID soon!) the plant had to delay the production of these kits while they had all hands on deck printing delayed books from the 2020 school year and planning/hosting the Virtual Adviser Workshop – Amplify. Moving forward, the kits are scheduled to begin shipping on Sept. 21st. HOWEVER, in the meantime, you can find 99% of materials in the kit (ladders, color charts, font posters, etc.) through StudioBalfour. Please refer to image below which shows where you can access many of the resources.

If you’re considering using one of our SimplyCreate designs here is where you can view them, 2021 SimplyCreate Cover Designs One of the great things about SimplyCreate designs is that they all have matching elements to use on the inside of your yearbook. This view will show you the matching elements, 2021 SimplyCreate Design Catalog, which sometime help determine which cover to choose if you’re debating between a couple. My favorite part of the SimplyCreate designs is that most of the designs come with a FREE foil where your school name would read. It’s a fun add on and a great bang for your buck, because who doesn’t love free!?

If you aren’t sold on a SimplyCreate cover, no worries here, you are still able to use any of the predesigned graphics, backgrounds, and templates for whichever cover you choose. There are some really advanced looking templates within the catalog that even the most experienced advisers are sure to love. With the exception of the actual cover designs, all of these SimplyCreate elements can be found within the StudioWorks and Encore software. They’re as easy as a few clicks to get them onto your pages.

As always, if you have any troubles locating or using these elements, never hesitate to reach out to us or your AE’s. Happy designing!

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