It's almost what?

Alright. We get it. You are over this school year and are ready for summer and whatever normalcy comes along with it. So, here are the answers to the questions that are going to get you to that hammock in your backyard as quick as possible.

What are "Yearbook Overs" and how do I handle them?

Balfour always prints and ships extra books in case a defective book is included in your shipment. In that rare case, that book can be replaced by one of the overs that are sent to you. You also have the option of selling the overs to students that had not pre-ordered. On your final invoice, you will see that you are charged for the overs that are sent to you. If you do not use or sell these overs, that charge can be credited to your account. You account can only be credited for the number of overs that were sent to you.

How do I get credit for the overs we don't need or the rare books that may be damaged?

If you have overs that you would like to receive credit for, you will need to fill out the "Copies In Excess of Order" form that comes with your final invoice. Simply fill out that form, deduct that amount from your balance, and send it in with your final payment. NOTE: You must request credit for your overs within 60 days of your invoice being sent. The last step to receive credit for overs is to return the overs to us. Please put them in a safe place for the summer and we will collect them from you at our fall meeting or you can simply recycle the extra books.

How do I check my online sales?

In order to check your online sales, you will need to log into Once you have entered, on this main page, if you have sold any books online, you will see a graph displaying how many books you have sold online, how many you have sold on-campus and how many you have left to sell.

For the purpose of viewing a list of buyers, you will need to click Sales and Orders > Sales Reports. There you will find several reports that you can choose to view. Our preference is the Distribution Report.

Tell my about my final invoice and my account balance:

Once your yearbooks arrive, you will be emailed a final yearbook invoice. This will show you the balance of your account. If you would like to see a history of payments or deposits, you can log into and click Sales and Orders > Sales Reports > Payment Report. If you have any questions or concerns about your final yearbook invoice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What if I won't be the yearbook adviser next year?

If you know that you will not be the yearbook adviser in the fall, please contact us with the name of your new yearbook adviser (or of your administrator or parent organization president if a new yearbook adviser has not been chosen). If you want bonus points, it would be wonderful if you would introduce us to your new adviser or your administrator via email so that they have our contact information as well. Once we know who will be taking over, we will change the contact information for yearbook purposes over the summer so that the yearbook kits and resources go to the correct person this summer and in the fall.

Are there any upcoming training events for students?

We love hosting our annual training events! Typically we host our overnight YBKC summer camp and multiple fall workshops in different locations for our middle and high schools. This year, as you know, is a little different. Due to the pandemic, we are forced to cancel YBKC this summer, but no worries! We are working on an even better event for you! As soon as we have official details, we will pass those along and we can start the registration process.

In the meantime, tentatively mark your calendars for what we hope to be our new YBKC Camp dates for 2020. You won't want to miss this! This event will replace our normal fall workshops, so if you typically attend the one-day workshop, plan on this event instead or chat with us about other options!

September 18-20: YBKC Camp

An overnight training experience in all things journalism

for High School students


a day camp experience for in-depth yearbook planning

for Middle School students!

In addition to our fall camp event, Balfour is bringing our Annual Adviser's Workshop to middle school and high school advisers in July! Rather than flying to Dallas, enjoy the best adviser training workshop in the country from the comfort of your own home! Get ready for an epic online event giving you the connections, community and confidence you need for your 2021 publications! The best part? Ali and I are going to cover the cost for each of our middle school and high school advisers to is just that valuable that we want each of you to attend. This one is on us! When further details are available, we will be in touch to see if you are interested in joining us for this event.

How can I prepare for fall yearbook sales?

We will be in touch with you this summer to help you prepare for your Back To School sales campaign. We will set up your online sales site (if you would like one) and prepare a sales form for you so that you are ready to collect orders as parents enter the school in the fall. In order to do this, we will need to know what you are selling your books for so that we can get this set up for you. Please be thinking about that so that we can get you set up for the fall before the summer even ends! If you are ready to do that NOW, great! Just let us know your sale price, and we can set it up this week!

Summer Office Hours:

As you know, you are welcome to call or email us anytime. As your dedicated Balfour yearbook specialists, we are always here to help. We will be training and teaching at some virtual yearbook summer camps and rep events this summer, so during times when our responses may be a little slower, you will be in good hands.

Here is the contact information for our team that can help you as well:

Bill Postlewait, StudioWorks and Encore Account Executive:, 800.947.0430

Nancy Dewees, BalfourTools Account Executive:, 800.947.0417

Cathy Simoneaux, BalfourTools Account Executive:, 800.947.0408

General Tech Support:


Thank you for a great year; you have done a wonderful job! Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions this spring about delivery, distribution, or billing. The countdown to summer is on!

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