Marketing Ideas You Can Fall In Love With

Holidays are the perfect times to run a yearbook sales campaign and Valentine's Day is no different. With so many ways to play on LOVE, Valentines day is begging for a yearbook promotion!

We wanted to pass along some adorable yearbook Valentines marketing images. They're time sensitive, since V-Day is Sunday, so you have about a week to utilize these. Download below, today! These will resonate with the students and will catch attention!

Download ZIP • 1.04MB

Ways to use these...

School's website

  • As web button that links to your online store

Text Blast

  • Send via text message with a short message inviting them to to purchase


  • Attach it or include in your e-marketing through

  • Attach or include in your personal email to parents

  • Ask your principal to kindly blast it out to parents


  • Posted as an announcement that links to your online store

  • Post as a cover photo to bring awareness


  • Posted as a photo and don't forget to tag @balfouryearbooks

  • Posted as a story that links to @balfouryearbooks



  • Hang up around the school hallways/doors these week

  • Printed and passed out to students to take home so parents see them

Hope you find these helpful :) Happy Valentines week!

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