Portraits are flowed...what's next?

You were worried. Stressed. Anxious about how blank your yearbook pages were looking and then....your portraits were flowed! Ahhhh. A sigh of relief.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but there are plenty of things you should do when working with portraits even after the portraits have been flowed. Here are a few ideas:

  • Look for stragglers: It's always a good idea to go back to your portrait manager/gallery and use your filters. If you are an Encore user, you are able to filter your portraits by used versus unused, so this is a quick and easy glance of any students that maybe were not placed in their class or grade and therefore, did not flow to the page. StudioWorks users, check filters too! If you flowed by grade, go to the grades and check for any random grades that maybe you didn't flow (on purpose). If there is a "NONE" group check there as well. If you find any stragglers, you will have to edit their portrait information/details so that they get to the right group. Depending upon your software platform, you may need to unflow and reflow. But this is something that your rep can help you with!

  • Proof and share or print your pages: It never hurts to have a second person take a peek. We recommend previewing/proofing each page and handing it off for someone else to look through and confirm or correct. Email them the PDF or print it for them. Look for students in the wrong grade or class, misspelled names, and out-of-order portraits. Give your helper a deadline and pad it enough to give yourself the time to make the corrections. If they don't return it, you can chase it down or assume everything is correct. How does that saying go? Four eyes are better than two....? Oh, you know what we mean though, right?

  • Add missing students: Some students may not have been present the day the portraits were taken. If a parent or student send a photo for you to use in the yearbook due to their absence or you take one of them while they are in class, you'd next need to add them to the portrait manager/gallery. Sometimes photos that are submitted, just aren't quite right for your portrait page. The good news is there are tools within your software platform to edit that image after it has been uploaded. Next, if you have unflowed your portraits, the new student will appear in the next flow.

And now....YOU'RE DONE!

These three simple tasks may be a little extra work, but they are so worth it even if you only find one mistake. Accuracy during these special years of the students' lives is so important so they have something they can look back at that represents who they were and who they grew up with.

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