The Importance of that Almighty Student List

A Student List is a roster of your entire student body. You can get this information from your front or district office, format it and upload to Balfour to enable you to track sales, student portraits, conduct e-Marketing campaigns and all of your student management in one place.

A student list is an excel file that has, at the very minimum, a column for each student's first name, last name, grade, and email address. For elementary schools, having a column for "teacher name" is also very helpful for distribution purposes. Uploading this list, places each entry into the Student Manager. The Student Manager is the source of all student data from all sources - yearbook orders, portraits and student master lists. Records are compared using various criteria, like first name, last name and grade. Duplicate records are auto-merged and new records are created if a match is not located. The Student List gives powerful insights into coverage reporting too, allowing you to market to students who are in the book but haven't purchased a book.

We know advisers may have had pushback on this in the past about this list violating student privacy, but now that we’ve all had to embrace the digital/remote environment, there is no better time to revisit those conversations than NOW. Here are some helpful FAQs and talking points to use with your administrators:

What will these emails be used for? Student or parent email addresses will be used solely for the purpose of communicating about yearbook buying opportunities and distribution day. Any contact information will be securely protected within our state-of-the-art encryption system, and will never be sold, shared, or distributed in any manner outside of this intended purpose.  We are fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Is the sharing of this information with your business legally permissible? Yes, absolutely. Per FERPA Regulations, the uniform guidelines for data privacy adhered to by schools nationally, the information we’re requesting is DIRECTORY INFORMATION, and can be released by the school for any reason – but especially when it serves a school interest such as this.

Why should I advocate for this list? This will allow you to ensure students have every opportunity to purchase their yearbook.  We want to do our part to ensure that, amidst these unprecedented challenges, the one-of-a-kind momento is not diminished.

The FERPA guidelines specifically stipulate that “directory information” is defined so that partner companies, such as Balfour, can complete their obligated services. Selling yearbooks to end consumers should qualify as obligated services. SOURCE: “Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be disclosed to outside organizations without a parent’s prior written consent.  Outside organizations include, but are not limited to, companies that manufacture class rings or publish yearbooks.

So, now that we know that you obtaining this list for this purpose SHOULD be possible, what do you do with that list once you have it?

Once your list has been received, log in to StudioBalfour and choose Manage > Student Management > Upload Student List.

Click Import and select your file from a location on your computer. Acceptable file formats can include: .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .txt. If you are using a .txt file, please separate columns by tabs.

In the next step, map each column to the correct column heading. If more columns exist that are not needed, leave the column heading blank and those columns will be ignored on upload. Once you have previewed your data for accuracy, click Approve to complete the upload process.

Your student list data can now be viewed by going to Manage > Student Management > Student List. And you are on your way to a successful digital marketing campaign!

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