YBKC Journalism Event Scheduled for Fall

Typically in June, Ali and I are putting our final touches on summer camp planning. We are buying snacks, coming up with fun team building activities, finalizing the dorm assignments and loading up on the important items like shaving cream and cheese balls. But this year is different.

We were heart-broken to have had to cancel one of our favorite events of the year. The one that we get to know so many of your students, help you plan all those tiny details so you are confident and ready to roll, and the one that causes us to go into hibernation afterward because of all of those late nights! Summer camp was cancelled and June just doesn't feel the same.


We are so excited to announce that we have used this time to plan an even bigger and better event for this fall to help you and your staffers get the training they need, get the hands-on practice in order to feel comfortable, get to know each other and become friends and get in the extra, focused time you will need to plan for such a unique year!

Regroup. Recover. Reform.

The year 2020 is certainly is unique and things may look a little different this fall than we are used to. Your student body still deserves to be informed and to have that piece of history to commemorate the 2020-2021 school year the all-important yearbook! Join us this fall for a planning and educational event that's sure prepare you for ANOTHER unique year. It's time to REGROUP, RECOVER AND REFORM!

The Quick Deets

  1. Mark your calendars for September 18-20! This will be an all-encompassing event for all students. Middle school students, photographers, editors, high school students, writers, designers, and advisers. Everyone is welcome!

  2. Visit www.ybkcsummercamp.com to gather all the official details.

  3. A little UNCERTAIN (there's that word again) about what your publication, your staff/committee, your journalism program, your classroom will look like this fall? That is exactly what this event is about. Getting you ahead. Giving you tips. Pointing out tricks. Crowdsourcing ideas. Brainstorming processes. Providing you with resources....so that you and your staff can be successful despite the uncertainty and how often you may actually see each other this fall.

  4. This event is going to be much like YBKC Summer Camp with an intense and challenging project, software training, planning and a lot of team work time. Will it be hard work? YES. Can it be done? YES. Will you be glad you did it? YES! No doubt about it!

  5. This event was designed as an overnight event for our high school students and as a "day camp" event for our middle school students. If any middle schools are interested in the overnight option, please reach out and we can discuss.

  6. This event will replace our regular fall one-day workshops. Because of the uncertainty of the fall, we thought it would be best for our trainers, our teachers and our students, if we stayed in one place and everyone came to a single event. This allows us to dazzle you with more trainers, more one-on-one time with the experts, more time working as a team, and more feedback along the way.

  7. Talk about fancy, this event will be hosted in Kansas City's Mariott Country Club Plaza, a posh and newly-remodeled hotel just seconds from KC's amazing Plaza shopping center. We will be treating you like kings and queens and we will be feeding you like kings and queens. And YES, since we know you are wondering, you will get to spend some time at the restaurants and shops on the Plaza Sunday over lunch while our trainers prepare for the closing ceremony.

  8. Our kick-off speaker, you ask? We have a problem with one-upping ourselves. This year, we have Erick Känd, the stage hypnotist, joining us to start us off with some FUN that you won't want to miss!

You're hooked, right? Now what?

We will make it easy on you. Here are the easy steps to saving your spot:

  1. Check out www.ybkcsummercamp.com for all of the information and details you will need (more than what we listed above)

  2. Talk to your administrators about what field trips will look like for the fall and get the okay to attend. We know that this will take time and we know that there will be concern at first, but Balfour Midwest and Mariott hotels are doing to follow all CDC guidelines when it comes to COVID this fall. If they need time for official approval we understand.

  3. If there is any chance that you will be attending, or even if you would like to attend and are waiting on approval, start talking with parents and students about attending and have them visit our website for information.

  4. Sign yourself and your students up via the link at www.ybkcsummercamp.com. If the event is cancelled later because of COVID or if you find that your administration is not approving your trip because of the virus, we can remove and refund.

  5. Celebrate knowing that you just did yourself a HUGE favor!

Check out the details HERE and let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you there!


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