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Understanding digital photography


Click here to download the following decks: 

  • Ten Steps for Improving Design

  • Nine Tips for Writing

  • Coverage Ideas

  • Crowdsourcing Photos

  • People Coverage Ideas


Creating a diagonal photo inside an ad using InDesign (28 mb mp4)

Gary Lundgren's Yearbook Trends Presentation (319 mb pdf)

Kel Lemons' 3 Presentations on Theme, Alternative Copy and Thinking Outside The Box (218 mb zip file)

Annie Green's Design Trends Presentation at the 2019 Spring Forum (11.5 mb)

Balfour YB Curriculum Assessments (3.1 mb zip file)

Create a cutout in Photoshop and making it a partial cutout with text wrap in InDesign (73.8 mb)

Cut-out using Photoshop CC2018 or 2019 (80.3 mb)

Creating a pie-chart in Illustrator and using it in InDesign (23.6 mb)

Creating a partial cutout using InDesign and Photoshop (29.1 mb)

Deanne Brown's Photo presentation on being a Super Hero (57.7 mb ppt)

Using GRIDS in InDesign presentation by David Graves (18 mb zip file)

Kel Lemons - What's Trending, Editing, Story Formula and Story Quotes Presentations (237 mb zip file)

Bobby Howthorne - Spring Forum Presentations (3.2 mb zip file)

Denise Adams Presentation on Leadership and Marketing (1.5 mb zip file)

Yearbook Vocabulary presentation by Andrea Negri (230 mb)

JH Camp Design Inspiration Link -

JH Camp Basic Design Link -

Annie Green's Spring Forum Presentation Inspiration to Completion (28 mb)

Quick Color Correction with Camera Raw (737 kb)

Creating a Nested Style in InDesign (1.8 mb)

Creating a Bullet with IndyFont (688 kb)

Quick Cutouts using Photoshop CS5 through Early CC2015 (74 mb)

Quick Cutouts using Photoshop CC2015.5 (newest version) (57.4 mb)

Kel Lemons 2016 Fall Forum Presentations (567 mb zip)

Jeanne Acton 2016 Spring Forum Presentations (179 mb zip)

Samantha Berry Google Goodies Folder

Samantha Berry Video on how she uses Google in her journalism program

Trends by Kel Lemons (7 mb pdf)

Getting Grants by Andrea Negri (1.4 mb pptx)

Ice Breakers from Denise Adams (102 kb zip)

Creating Curved Photos in InDesign (48.4 mb Mp4)

Bruce Watterson's 2015 Fall Forum Presentations (452 mb zip)

Kim Lynch Elementary School Yearbook Photography Tips (2.2 mb pptx)

Create Photo Collages at this site (recommeded by Kim Lynch)

Balfour YB Curriculum Assessments Answers (1.3 mb zip)


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